Keep Yinz Warm

We are so excited to partner with Keep Yinz Warm.  They are a remarkable organization started by Jon Jackson, who began collecting blankets for the homeless in 2010 at age 12.

Jon was inspired to create Keep Yinz Warm when he saw a homeless man under a bridge while he was driving with his mother, and knew this was a problem he couldn’t ignore. Their mission is to keep Pittsburgh warm, by providing blankets (and now other warm clothing) to the homeless of Pittsburgh during the winter.

Here’s what you can do if you’d like to help keep Pittsburgh warm:

  1. You can like Keep Yinz Warm on Facebook and check out their website. There is information on their Facebook page and website about how you can donate.
  2. You can tell your friends and family about Keep Yinz Warm

  3. You can buy some Keep Yinz Warm gear.  New blankets will be donated in your name for all purchases.