What custom clothing does my team need?


1. You want to keep it simple. You want something popular, high-quality, and easy.

T-shirts, hoodies, and pants are the best place to start.  You’ll get a great value and all of your kids and parents will be happy with these three staples of custom clothing. We can design all of these custom for you or you can choose from one of our custom created designs that are already ready to go!

T-shirts - Perfect for any team. Your best bargain and can be worn year round. Everyone loves a great t-shirt.

Hoodies - Kids and adults alike love hoodies. Great in any place where it gets a little cool.  

Sweatpants - a great option to go for that college look with your team name down the side of the leg. Pants are a great option for larger teams, especially swimming, track, cross country, and football. Also great for bands!

2. You are bored with getting the same basic t’s and hoodies every year. You want something new that’s going to make everyone happy.

Performance gear can make a team feel more polished and ready go to. The shirts and hoodies are lighter and moisture wicking.

Performance t-shirts - They are super-comfortable shirts to wear, great to work out in, and are a very popular item.  An awesome upgrade to a regular t-shirt.

Performance hoodies - Hoodies wear very well. They are flexible and intended to be worn by anyone who wants an upgrade to a regular hoodie.

3. You want something that is going to keep you warm and dry.

I protection from the elements is important to you, then go with warm up jackets and pants. These items keep teams warm and dry even on days with nasty weather.

Warm up jackets - If your team plays outside, they will want to stay warm and dry. A nice warm up jacket is a great way to go.

Full warm up jacket and pants - For the ultimate in protection from the elements, many teams love to get a full warm up jacket and pants.