Screen Printing 101: How we screen print your beautiful artwork!

Your favorite t-shirt always looks and feels so good, but how did it get to look like that? If it was screen printed, there’s a pretty cool process that goes into it. But how does the ink get on the shirt, especially if there’s more than one color? Let us explain! :)

Screen printing is kind of like a stencil, the ink will only go where the stencil (or screen) is open. The rest of the screen is blocked off so the ink will not go places other than the design. The ink is transferred on the garment by placing it on the screen and then squeegeed through the openings.    

Blog Artwork-01.png

If there’s more than one color to the design, then it’s done in layers. You can see in this graphic that this design is made of three ink colors; white, golden yellow, and bright blue.First, we would put down white as an underbase to make the colors stand out against the black shirt. Once the white ink is dried, we apply the golden yellow ink directly on top. With the golden yellow ink dry, we can apply the beautiful bright blue ink as the third and final layer.  

Vi-ola, you have a beautiful masterpiece to wear for years to come!