Pop! Make your team gear stand out from the pack with custom Thermofilm names and numbers.

 Let’s talk about thermofilm! Thermofilm is an option that we offer for our garments here at 2 Teachers T-shirts, but not many people know exactly what it is. Let us explain!

Thermofilm is one of many types of heat transfer vinyls. The reason we offer it here at 2 Teachers T-shirts is simply that it is the best kind; it works the best and it lasts the longest. To produce a graphic using thermofilm, an image needs to be designed using a computer program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel. Then the image is sent to be cut out of a vinyl sheet (much like how ink is printed onto paper). Next the shapes that aren’t going to be used in the design are “weeded” out, so that just the desired design is left.

Once the unwanted material is weeded out, the vinyl is ready to be pressed to the garment. The garment is preheated for 10 seconds, and then the design is applied with heat for 6 to 8 seconds with a protective sheet overtop. Once the design is successfully transferred to the shirt, the cover sheet can be removed while the vinyl is still warm.  

With Thermofilm, we can provide a cost effective way of customizing team apparel by adding custom names, numbers, and other great individualization options! Pop, just like that your team gear stands out from the pack with our custom Thermofilm options!