Finding the color combination that’s just right for you!

Have you ever watched those home improvement shows and marveled at the color combinations they come up with?  The designers seem to find colors that you would’ve never put together. In the end, the colors always compliment one another and you’re left wondering “why didn’t I think of that.”  Go easy on yourself, selecting those perfect colors can be tough, whether you have no clue at all or a general idea, we're here to help!

There’s a lot of color theory out there, but let’s focus on what makes a beautiful design pop and really stand out from the rest.  We focus on color contrast and color association, two key concepts that help us find the color combination that’s just right for you.

Color Contrast: This is the difference between dark and light colors. You don’t want to match too many light colors together or it will be hard to see and read.  For instance, you wouldn’t want to print a bright yellow ink on a white t-shirt, there’s just not enough contrast for your design to stand out.  Instead, try a golden yellow, orange, or an even darker colored ink so that your design will really pop off the white of your t-shirt.  The same goes for dark color garments, be sure to use light inks on darker colors.

Color Association: Another great way to pick colors is by association. Think about the elements in your design, what colors can be associated with that subject?  

Is your design of your business logo? Use colors from your company brand.

Are you ordering t-shirts for a swim team? Try using cooler colors like blue, green, or purple and other colors that can be associated with water.

We have so many great color choices in both our garments and ink colors! Don’t be afraid to get creative! And as always our Happiness Heroes and Art Team are ready to help you with any questions.