Here’s how to find which Design Style fits you, your team, school, and organization best!

How can your design really show what your team, school, organization, or business is really about, without looking like the same old cookie-cutter clipart template? It all starts with picking a creative design style that can really showcase the unique qualities about you and your order.

There are many design styles out there, but we focused on four of our customer’s most popular choices: distressed, retro, collegiate, and modern.

Distressed: Many sports teams, races, and other sporting events like the distressed style. Distressed styles fit best when you want to convey an edge or a sense of toughness, but are also very useful for events where people may get dirty, such as Spartan or Tough Mudder races. Here’s a Distressed Style pro tip:) When going for a distressed look, try using bolder, or thicker fonts so that the text is still easily seen even after the design has been distressed. 


Retro: Retro designs always grab attention! Customers seem to like to use this design style for reunions, get togethers, and even for sports team throwback uniforms.  Many times in retro designs you’ll see simple geometric shapes, half-tone patterns (like in old comic books), or other design elements that reflect the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s style. Here’s a Retro Style Pro Tip:) Use a font style that was popular during that decade to ensure your design is authentic.


Collegiate: Collegiate designs are one of the go-to choices for sports teams or graduating class gear. Blocky, collegiate lettering is the most popular font choice and can be paired with a school mascot or sport emblem. Here’s a Collegiate Style Pro Tip:) Pair your Collegiate Style design with a subtle Distressed Style look, your design will take on a classic vintage feel.















Modern: Modern designs reflect contemporary and popular styles that are used presently. Many times modern designs will use san serif fonts (fonts without ornamentation or feet at the end of the letters). Many companies or organizations will choose modern designs if it reflects their company.  Here’s a Modern Style Pro Tip:) Modern designs are usually simple and clean, so when planning your design don't clutter it with textures or fancy fonts. 


Design can take on many forms and styles and we could go on for days talking about all the nuances that make-up great design, but we’ll spare you our art dorkiness:)  Just remember, our Happiness Heroes start off every order with a Free Design Discussion listening and talking with you to find the perfect style for you and your needs.  Our Art Team will take your vision and make it a reality!

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