Fun, Friendship, and lots of water at Whitewater Challengers’ Annual Guide Olympics

It was so great to create some awesome t-shirts for the river guides from Whitewater Challengers! Whitewater Challengers is a whitewater rafting company that guarantees exhilarating, outdoor family fun. They’ve been operating in Weatherly, PA on the Lehigh River since 1974, and also have four other locations in New York state on the Moose, Salmon, Black, and Hudson Rivers.

Whitewater Challengers has a crew of friendly, professional river guides that are always ready to show their guests a great time on the river. Every summer they host the Guide Olympics which serves as a team building activity and as a fun chance to show off some of their guiding talents off the river. This year the Guide Olympics was made up of eight teams, with each participating in official games like “Raft Tossing”, “Throw Bag Toss”, “Tired Arms”, “Paddle Throw”, and “Ground Crew”.

If you’d like to find out more about Whitewater Challengers, you can visit them on facebook or by checking out their website. A big thanks to Ryan Hassler for organizing this year’s Guide Olympics and allowing us to be apart of things and printing some sweet t-shirts!  

Thank you to Regina Nicolardi for sharing this wonderful group photo with us!  You can see more of Regina’s beautiful work by visiting her on facebook and checking out her website.