The Sub-30 Club


The “unstoppable” Joanna Williams and Nicole Smith showing off their Sub-30 pride!

If you ever needed inspiration or motivation to keep healthy or in-shape, you should join the The Sub-30 Club. The Sub-30 Club is an international group of avid runners who have a group goal of running a 5K race in under 30 minutes. The Sub-30 Club started in April 2012 when Ted Spiker wrote on his blog that he wanted to run a 5K of his own in less than 30 minutes. At first, he thought maybe 20 people would sign up to be part of the group. Today, they have close to 4,000 members in the Facebook group (updated 11/2015). Many members have not met in person, but you wouldn’t know it from how close they are. :) Through their Facebook group and on Twitter (@Sub30Club) they are able to share each other's struggles, successes, and running journeys.


Chelsea Beck and Brian Williams taking Sub 30 Selfies!

Sub 30 Club members support each other with this common theme: “No matter what your pace, struggle, or goal, we’re here to support you.” Chances are if you’re suffering from an injury or a lack of motivation, someone else in the club is going through the same thing. Sub-30 has become more about the spirit of camaraderie and understanding than about any pace or race. Members also share information about races they run and how to  run faster, further, and healthier.

Lindsay Walsh, a Sub 30 Club member and a former Happiness Hero for 2 Teachers T-shirts (Congrats on your new teaching position Linds! We miss you! ;-) was invited by her friend Therese Scheweyer, who was already a member.  Lindsay and Therese were planning on being virtual training partners for the Philadelphia Marathon in November (of 2014) and Therese thought Lindsay would enjoy the group camaraderie (probably because all of Lindsay’s Facebook posts were about running).  

Here’s Lindsay speaking about the Sub-30 Club:

“During my time with the Sub-30 Club, I’ve been encouraged and cheered on for things that most people probably see as trivial. The Sub-30 Club has become my team. My team understands where I’m coming from. They understand why 1 second can make or break you. They can also give you a reality check when you need it most and remind you that in the grand scheme of things, 1 second is really just that - a second, and the bigger picture is what counts. The fact that you get yourself out of bed in the morning and do SOMETHING with yourself is what counts. It doesn’t matter if you cover a mile in 4 minutes or 25 minutes. If you’re out there, you’re beating the guy who’s still in bed (or on the couch).”  

Here’s a picture of Lindsay in all her awesome glory!

We asked members of the Sub-30 Club to tell us what the club means to them. Here’s what they told us:

“To me, it is amazing that people from all walks of life, so many different levels of running experience, can be so encouraging and supportive. I feel it's a great family.” Fabiola Beatriz Ramos

“Unconditional friendship and support. It's not even alway running related. This group and the friends I have made, and continue to make, are hands down the best people I've never met. I would do anything for these people and feel like that's mutual. With this group, I feel love.” Honore Maccoy-Patty

No matter where you are, physically, geographically, or mentally... the Sub-30 Club is there to help. Whether it is a kick in the rear to get out the door, a pat on the back for a job well done, or a sympathetic ear. We all come from different walks of life, but we are taking the journey together... hand in hand. Sondra Jarvis

“I love connecting with this group for advice. This group has encouraged me on runs, and has been there when trying to make training decisions.” Dave Jones


Here’s Therese Schweyer repping both her shirts. :)

If the Sub-30 Club sounds like a great opportunity for you, they are accepting new members looking to change their lives and inspire others! Check out their Facebook group or tweet them @Sub30Club and get involved today!