Smiling Faces and One Happy Family

The Rennie Family has made ordering a family t-shirt a holiday tradition. This year over 30 members of their family continued the tradition with an amazing shirt honoring their grandfather, Frank Rennie.

When the Rennie family did their first shirt with 2 Teachers T-Shirts in 2011, they wanted to commemorate and honor the original 1950’s business card from Rennie & Sons, which was their family’s Italian grocery store. Here’s a pic of the family all together, sporting that very tee. :)

This year they wanted to create a shirt based on one of their favorite family photos of their grandfather. We worked with Kathleen Rennie and her niece Kelly to design a shirt that captured their grandfather’s image in the style made famous by artist Shepard Fairey. We based the design from Kelly’s beautiful drawing. Such an incredible sketch Kelly! :)

Kathleen and Kelly were able to keep the design idea for this year’s shirts a secret from the entire Rennie family. As part of their family tradition, their shirts were given as gifts to the entire family at their Christmas Party.

Working with Kathleen and Kelly, we came-up with this beautiful print. :)

Thank you to the Rennie Family for letting us be a part of your family’s tradition and playing a small role in honoring your grandfather! We can’t wait to see what next year’s design will bring to this wonderful tradition!