The Top 7 Tips For Designing Your Class T-Shirt

We specialize in and love working with high school classes. We've been designing custom class apparel since 2009 and have learned a lot along the way! We’ve put together a list of the top seven tips for designing your class t-shirt. This will guide you through the process and make everything as easy as possible for you!

  1. Remember your class shirt design should appeal to a wide range of kids in your class. It's hard to make everyone happy, but you should be aiming to make as many people as happy as possible!
  2. Things to include:
    1. Your class: Think in terms of year and grade level to represent your progress! (I.E. Class of 2018 or Seniors 2018)
    2. Your School Colors or Class-Approved Colors
      1. Everyone in your class is tired of of wearing (*Insert Colors Here*)? While your school colors will appeal to everyone and show school pride, using other colors is a great way to express your class personality!
    3. The names of the students in your class. Put these on the back either printed or with signatures depending on the size of your class.
      1. Classes below 100 students can typically use signatures, and classes over that should be typed names.
  3. Things to avoid:
    1. Anything inappropriate or disparaging - The point of having a class shirt is to bring people together, you’re representing your class and want to put your best foot forward!
    2. Anything that involves in inside joke that only a portion of the class will understand - including more people is the way to be. :-)
  4. Choose a committee to work on the shirts. This should include 1 or 2 adults and between 3-5 students. The committee should be representative of your class to ensure that everyone in the class will be happy with the design. The committee needs to be able to make quick decisions and work together well. Once the shirts are ready they'll be in charge of getting the word out to sell them.
  5. Start early! Poll your classmates at the beginning of the year, or the end of the prior year for possible ideas - take their ideas into account.
    1. The committee can either pick the best design OR they can put 2-3 designs to a vote by the entire class. When students choose, have them pick a 1st and 2nd choice. This way they are more invested in the winner.
  6. We recommend that classes purchase a shirt for each student. This way everyone has a shirt, even if some students are unable to afford one. This is a great way for everyone to have a shirt to wear for class trips, class picnics, and other class events! If your class doesn’t have the funds to do this, or you’d like to offer additional apparel such as hoodies or longsleeves, you can host a sale through! We’ll help you every step of the way. :)
  7. Getting the word out for a sale is really important! The committee needs to remind the class frequently about the sale to make sure everyone orders. Use multiple ways to reach everyone in the class: utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, send out e-mails, make announcements, and host class meetings to help promote the sale!

BONUS TIP: A school we work with has a tradition for their classes in which they prepare their senior class shirts during their junior year, purchase them in May, and wear them on that last day of their junior year to symbolize the transition into becoming a senior! This symbolic gesture has resonated with us, and we think it would be and awesome fit for your school too! It is definitely one of our favorite traditions and we wanted to share it with you because the kids absolutely love it!

Contact us to find out how we can help make your class apparel special and can save you time and money with an online class apparel campaign! :-)