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Custom Decals - Perfect For Your Car, Laptop Case, or Water Bottle

Custom decals are a great way to show your pride in your team, business, or group! They go great on a car window, laptop cover, or water bottle.

Here’s how we make your new car decals great:

  • Our decals are made of a high quality vinyl and are printed with one or multiple Ultraviolet (UV) resistant ink colors.

  • After printing, we add an additional UV resistant clear coat to each decal to prevent sun damage and other wear from the elements.

  • With our high quality materials, your decals stay vibrant for years!

Here are some quick tips for how to apply your decals to your car:

  • Wipe the surface with window cleaner or rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or dust.

  • Peel away the back of the decal to reveal its adhesive side.

  • Apply your decal slowly while smoothing it from the center of the decal out to the edges.

If you'd like to order some custom decals you can Contact Us here!

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Keep Your Garments Looking New!

Success! You’re new screen printed garments have arrived and they look fantastic! So how do you keep your garments looking as good as they did when they first came out of the box?


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Pop! Make your team gear stand out from the pack with custom Thermofilm names and numbers.

Let’s talk about thermofilm! Thermofilm is an option that we offer for our garments here at 2 Teachers T-shirts, but not many people know exactly what it is. Let us explain!

Thermofilm is one of many types of heat transfer vinyls. The reason we offer it here at 2 Teachers T-shirts is simply that it is the best kind; it works the best and it lasts the longest.

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Screen Printing 101: How we screen print your beautiful artwork!

Your favorite t-shirt always looks and feels so good, but how did it get to look like that? If it was screen printed, there’s a pretty cool process that goes into it. But how does the ink get on the shirt, especially if there’s more than one color? Let us explain! :)

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What custom clothing does my team need?

1. You want to keep it simple. You want something popular, high-quality, and easy.

T-shirts, hoodies, and pants are the best place to start.  You’ll get a great value and all of your kids and parents will be happy with these three staples of custom clothing. We can design all of these custom for you or you can choose from one of our custom created designs that are already ready to go!

T-shirts - Perfect for any team. Your best bargain and can be worn year round. Everyone loves a great t-shirt.

Hoodies - Kids and adults alike love hoodies. Great in any place where it gets a little cool.  

Sweatpants - a great option to go for that college look with your team name down the side of the leg. Pants are a great option for larger teams, especially swimming, track, cross country, and football. Also great for...

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Relay For Life Walkers of Love

Today we want to recognize one of our customers and her Relay for Life team that is taking a stand and fighting back! We are proud to present to you Walkers of Love!

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Beautiful Custom Artwork: One Reason To Choose 2 Teachers T-Shirts

How is 2 Teachers T-Shirts different from any other t-shirt company?

One major difference: beautiful custom artwork. We have a team of professional graphic designers that are ready to create the quality design you’re envisioning.

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May 09, 2014

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