We're not ones to wish time away, but it's totally time for 2020 to go away! No better way to run into a new year than with a Sub 30 Club Apparel Sale & Fundraiser! It’s being organized by The Sub 30 Club, Jeff Hettrick, and Therese Schweyer (sub30club@gmail.com), in partnership with 2 Teachers T-Shirts. Every purchase benefits Sub 30 Club Charities. Please share this fundraiser with a running buddy so they don’t miss out!

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Ever run a clothing sale or fundraiser with your team, organization, or event? It’s a hassle. Collecting orders, collecting money, organizing everything, and then having to figure out how to pay the company and all of this while still trying to do what you do best.

Our online apparel campaigns take away all of the hassle of a traditional paper and pencil sale. No more distributing and collecting order forms, tallying all of the sizes and orders, and being responsible for all of the money.

We handle all of that for you, right on our website. We’ll create a custom shop, just for your school where everyone can order right online, even from their smartphones.

It’s fast, convenient, and best of all when it’s done, we’ll send you an organized spreadsheet, all of the apparel that everyone ordered, and a check for the profits you made on your campaign! It really is that awesome :)

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