How To Organize An Online Apparel Sale

Here’s What A 2 Teachers T-Shirts Campaign Includes:

Ever run a clothing sale or fundraiser with for your team, organization, school, or for an event? It can be a hassle. Collecting orders, collecting money, organizing everything, and then having to tally orders to send to the printer. It’s so time consuming and complicated!

Our online apparel campaigns take away all of the hassles of a traditional paper and pencil sale. No more distributing and collecting order forms, tallying all of the sizes and orders, and being responsible for all of the money.

We handle all of that for you, right on our website. We’ll create a custom shop just for you, complete with a custom link that lets everyone order online, even from their smartphones.

Our campaigns are fast and convenient! Best of all, when the sale ends we’ll send you: all of the printed/embroidered apparel everyone ordered, a detailed spreadsheet for order distribution, and a check with the profits you made from your campaign! If you don’t need to fundraise with your apparel sale, we can do that too! It really is that awesome. :-)

Here’s how to get started!

  1. First, give yourself a high five - by choosing a 2 Teachers T-Shirts apparel campaign you just saved your future self a ton of time! That high five is from future you! ;-)
  2. Contact us below to set up a Free Campaign Conversation, where an actual person will give you a call, answer any and all of the questions you have, walk through all of the details of your campaign, and get you set up for success! Yep, a real human being. :-)
  3. During our call, we’ll talk through some different questions about your needs. You can get a jump-start by reading through a few of those questions below and getting your ideas together.

Campaign Conversation Questions:

What Type of Campaign Works Best For You?

What type of design would you like on your apparel? Don’t worry, we have a design team that can make it look great! We’re just looking for a few key details…

What types of garments would you love to offer on your campaign? You can use our design library (click here) for that too, just let us know which apparel options caught your eye! If you’re not sure what would work best? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of picking the perfect garments for your campaign!

Organizing an apparel sale doesn’t have to be a hassle, and with 2 Teachers T-Shirts it isn’t! Get in touch with us below to get started!

Let’s Get Started, Contact Us Below!