FREE Discount Codes For Your Group and Important Campaign Dates!

Hey There!

We’re excited to share with you that you’ll receive discount codes to share with everyone in your campaign! That’s right, we’re giving you FREE coupon codes for you and your group!

These coupons codes are a gift from us to reward people who get their orders in right away and show their support for your campaign!  We want to make sure they get used and need your help in sharing these codes with your group. Before your campaign launches, we’ll send your custom codes along with the link to your online store that you can post on facebook and share via email, text messages, and other social media channels to everyone you can. The codes are first come first serve and are to be applied at checkout. We’ll even provide a special code that’s just for you, so you can pick out something special for yourself and see just how to use the code!

When we share your free coupon codes and custom link to your shop, we’ll also include some very important dates for your campaign. We wanted to give you a little more information about what each of these dates means so can plan and make your campaign a smash success!

We’re really excited for your campaign to launch and will be in touch to provide you with your custom order forms, important campaign dates, free coupon codes, and the custom link to your beautiful campaign!

Please keep share, share, sharing from now until the campaign ends!