Free Custom Resources Designed To Help You With Your Sale!

Hey there!

So you might be wondering, why will they be sending me custom order forms for a sale that’s all online. That’s a great question! We’ve found that people love having a physical order form that shows them how to order online, it saves you time by helping you answer questions on how to place an order. :-)

Your custom order form will feature a brief story with additional information about your sale, a dedicated website link for your campaign, and a sample of some of the awesome apparel options your sale will include.

The order forms are beautiful, which makes them great for mini posters or flyers for advertising. Where are some high traffic places you can hang them up or display them? What’s the best way to get them in the hands of everyone who may be interested in this campaign? Where are some places you can keep extras for people to grab and take home as a reminder for the campaign?

So what happens when someone gets to the website? Another great question, you’re on a roll! ;-) Similar to the order form, we provide a brief story at the top of the campaign to provide some additional context about the sale - who it’s for, who's organizing it (that’s you!), and a countdown clock that displays how many days are left to participate in this limited-time sale.

As you scroll, you’ll see a preview of all the beautiful custom apparel available. When you click an item, you’ll be able to view additional sides of the garment, read a detailed description about the garment’s blend and features, and view a sizing guide so you can get the best fit!

All of these resources come free with your campaign and will help you have a successful sale! Let us know if you have any questions, we’ll send you your custom order form prior to launch day for your sale.