How to Apply - Happiness Hero (Responsible for Sales)

To complete your application please prepare and submit the following:

Contact Information:

Please answer the questions below so we can learn a little more about you! :-)

Please use between 100 and 250 words for each question. We’re excited to read your responses.

  1. Why do you think this position would be a good fit for you?
  2. Tell us about your sales experience. What accomplishments are you most proud of in this area and why?
  3. What are you not good at or not interested in doing professionally and why?
  4. A potential customer contacts us through the website, what they wrote is included below. Please prepare a response that would delight them! (Customer Contact: Hi there, my name is Jane Dellio. I’m an athletic director and am looking to place an order with you. Thanks!)
  5. What are your insights into your biggest mistakes and lessons learned in sales?

About your home office, social media, and technology

1. Please include links to any social media accounts you currently use and how you use those specific platforms.

2. Of the social media platforms that you use, which do you like the most? What about them do you enjoy?
3. Please tell us about your home office setup and the technology you would use for this position. (In a remote work position your home office setup is important to your success with connecting and delighting customers and your teammates.)
4. What’s the make and model of your current smartphone? (To be successful in this role you’ll need to have a smartphone for making phone calls, texting, and connecting with customers. (For example, iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S7)
5. How many hours are you looking to invest in this position each week?
6. During a typical work week, Monday through Friday, between 8AM - 8PM what days and times are you unavailable to work?
7. Write a tweet that we could use to introduce you to the 2 Teachers T-Shirts Team. :-)