How Facebook, Email, and Sharing Will Make Your Group Happier!

Hey there!

Did you know that 1.28 billion people actively use facebook every single day? Yep that’s not a typo - 1.28 billion people, isn’t that incredible? With so many people connecting together on facebook each day, it’s a powerful and absolutely free way for you to share your apparel campaign with your group!

We have a few tips to help you get the most out of your facebook sharing!

Another important way to share your sale is through frequent emails. Whether you’re a part of a school, team, company, or group, emails are an incredibly powerful way to get the word out to people who would be disappointed if they didn’t have an opportunity to participate in your custom apparel sale.

Just like Facebook events, it’s important to send emails frequently and to stagger the times of day that you send them. Don’t be afraid to add some humor to them and make sure to always include the custom link we’ll provide you with your online web store!

Frequent sharing helps your school, team, company, or group feel more connected by keeping everyone on the same page. It’s really important that everyone is included and that nobody misses out on their chance to participate in the limited-edition custom apparel campaign you helped organize for them! 

BONUS TIP! If your sale is for a team or group, please make sure you’re using the free tool. It’s safe, secure, and will save your team or group a ton of time, hassle, and headache. We’d love to talk with you about facebook events, email lists, and! You can reply to this email anytime and we’ll connect with you and see how we can help. :-)