Your Apparel Sale is More Fun With Friends - People In Your Group Want To Help!

Hey There!

Our most successful campaign leaders don’t do it alone, they ask their friends, co-workers, or fellow parents to help them with promoting the sale. Working together with one, two, or three others can be a tremendous help. Talk together to brainstorm different ways to connect with the group who you’re organizing this sale for.

Here are a few things to get your brainstorming started!

People are busy and need to be frequently reminded at different times throughout the sale. A reminder in the morning is perfect for some, afternoon or evenings can be better for others. The trick is mixing it up to catch everyone at a great time for them so they can get their order placed right then. Your frequent reminders throughout the sale will keep them from missing out on this custom apparel sale!

Who are you thinking of recruiting? What sharing ideas do you have? Please to let us know, we’d love to hear what you’re thinking!