The Grandma Test

The Grandma Test

We love having the opportunity to provide our customers with high quality custom apparel that’s beautifully designed and tastefully printed and embroidered!

At 2 Teachers T-shirts, we are a company run by teachers and we take pride in being role models for kids.  So for all of the designs we print, we follow the Grandma Test.  Essentially if your grandmother wouldn't like the print location or message, don't print it.  If you have a really hip and modern grandma you can borrow our more old-school grandma for this test. :-)

So if you have a design, personalization request, or print location that is risqué or suggestive, we won’t be able to print that design.  So please choose a design style, location, or personalized name that Grandma would approve of.  Remember, the goal isn’t to fool Grandma, it’s to make her smile. :-)

Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to support kids!

All our best,

The 2 Teachers T-shirts Team